Beneficiary Designation

You can use this Beneficiary Designation form to tell us who you would like to receive the death benefit when you die. You may designate any natural person (i.e., not an organization) or persons as Primary or Contingent Beneficiaries, and you can change these designations at any time by completing this form, printing it out, and mailing it to us.

Policy Information

You may designate one or more Beneficiaries to receive the Death Benefit. Any natural person or persons may be named as Beneficiaries; organizations may not be named as Beneficiaries.

You may designate more than one Primary Beneficiary; indicate the percentage of death benefit to be paid to each beneficiary. For each Primary Beneficiary you may add one or more Contingent Beneficiaries. In the event that a Primary Beneficiary is not living at the time of your death, that Beneficiary's share of the death benefit will be paid to the designated Contingent Beneficiary or, if you have not designated a Contingent Beneficiary, it will be added to the other named Primary Beneficiaries in the proportions you have directed.

In the event that no Beneficiary has been named or is living at the time of your death, the death benefit will be paid to the following in the order listed: your surviving Spouse OR your surviving biological and adopted children in equal portions OR the Diocese in which you were resident on the date of issue of the policy, for the benefit of families of deceased clergy.

I hereby designate the following person/s as Primary or Contingent Beneficiary/ies under this policy of insurance:

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